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The Carolina Cooker Story

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Carolina Cooker is headquartered in North Carolina. All cast iron and enameled cast iron products are imported from China and are made and quality-tested to meet our standards. We offer a 100% satisfaction lifetime commitment on our cast iron and a 1-year warranty on all other products. We want you happy, or we want it back! For questions or to discuss a specific product, call us at 833-926-6537.

Tools, Cooks, Legends

Some view cooking as work. And some see it as a labor of love. Either way, we consider it a blessing to cook – every day. So whether you love to braise and baste, griddle and grill, or filet and fry, it all leads to a reward we call - supper.

Established in 2007, Carolina Cooker blends your appetite for cooking with the highest quality products that your family will treasure for generations. From a variety of traditional cast iron and enamel pieces, stainless steel and aluminum cookware, to dependable outdoor cookers, burners, grills and fryers, there's a piece of cookware to help you cook your way.

Our Mission

We give passionate cooks the tools they need to serve up something special – every time they prepare a dish.

We Believe in Tradition

The pieces we make are all about tradition. It's the memories of how things were once made. Granny's chicken. Uncle Sonny's Pork Butt. And his terrible jokes. It's about the stories from a simpler time – long ago shared in the kitchen and around the table. Meals devoured. Along with prayers. Laughter. And love. All of which form the familiar bonds of tradition.

We Believe in Affordable Quality

Our products are built to last. Born from smart design and forged to be ready for the fire. Available and accessible at a reasonable price for all to enjoy. Nothing fancy. Just good, solid pieces made to transform over time from cookware into heirlooms.

We Believe in a Full Line of Products

From cast iron and cookers, to an array of spices, seasonings and other tantalizing treats, Carolina Cooker offers a full range of products to meet the demands of all types of cooks. For use whenever and wherever.

We Believe in Service and Quality

The task of preparing a meal can be a daunting one. Will the flavors be right? Will it turn out as good as Grandma’s? With Carolina Cooker, you’ll simmer down knowing that we'll stand behind our products, so that you can create legendary experiences.