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Food Grinders & Slicers

Carolina Cooker® is partnered with many great brands to help you with your meat processing. Here, you'll find slicers, tenderizers, grinders, and more! Whether you are creating sausage from scratch or slicing up your favorite meats ? you'll be sure to find exactly what you need for the best meat processing experience!

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Vacuum Rolls 8" x 16 (2/set)
image Kitchener™ Vacuum Sealer Rolls 8" x 16' (2/Set)
Item # 105930
$15.99 EA
Electric Meat Grinder 1 Hp
image 750 W. Kitchener High Capacity 1 HP Stainless Steel Meat Grinder
Item # 105970
$609.99 EA
Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer
image Kitchener™ Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer
Item # 105927
$229.99 EA
Meat Stomper, 8
image Meat Stomper, 8"
Item # 54350
$12.99 EA
Original Super Meat Tenderizer™
image Original Super Meat Tenderizer™
Item # 83505
$19.99 EA
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