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Carolina Cooker 3 Burner Fryer
image Carolina Cooker® Fryer, 3 Burner, 2 Vats, 3 Baskets
Item # 64557A
$364.99 EA
Carolina Cooker 2 Burner Fryer
image Carolina Cooker® Deep Fryer Cooker With Cover
Item # 52509A
$269.99 EA
32" Discada Burner Stand M116672
image Carolina Cooker® 32 inch Discada Stand with Burner
Item # 116672
$69.99 EA
4 gallon bayou fryer and baskets
image 4 Gallon Stainless Bayou® Fryer
Item # 124427
$499.99 EA
22-Inch Fryer Stand Carolina Cooker
image Carolina Cooker® 22-inch Fryer Stand, 40 lb. Capacity
Item # 40322A
$59.99 EA
10gal Cast Iron Pot Burner Stand
image Carolina Cooker®, Cast Iron Pot and Burner, 10 Gallon Capacity.
Item # 78097A
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$284.99 EA
CanCooker™ Original, 4 Gallon
image CanCooker™ Original, 4 Gallon
Item # 90682
$84.99 EA
Heavy Duty Cover for Carolina Cooker®
image Carolina Cooker® Heavy Duty Cover for 2 Burner Fryer
Item # 74299
$22.99 EA
Outdoor Camp Oven
image Outdoor Camp Oven
Item # 79713
$359.99 EA
CanCooker™ Jr., 2 Gallon
image CanCooker™ Jr., 2 Gallon
Item # 87628
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$66.99 EA
CanCooker™ Rack
image CanCooker™ Rack
Item # 87629
$13.99 EA
Rack And Lifting Handle For Qt Cooker
Item # 50570
$17.99 EA
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