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Carolina Cooker® Charleston Style Rice Steamer 7.5 Qt.

Item #130982
This vintage-style stovetop steamer seeks to capture the same great cooking method that originated in Charleston, South Carolina. Made from sturdy aluminum, this old-school steamer is perfect for steaming delicious rice, vegetables, and so much more.
Product Overview


  • Carolina Cooker®
  • MFG # CM-EP0030VPK
  • Charleston Style Rice Steamer
  • Main Body: 7.5 qt
  • Steamer Pan: 3.5 qt
  • Thickness: 0.6MM/22GA
  • Construction Material: Aluminum
  • Not oven safe

How to cook rice in the Charleston Rice Cooker

  • Add about 3” of water to the pot with handles and place on the stove to boil

  • Into the steamer insert add your desired rice amount and 1.5x that of water. So for 1 C of rice, use 1 ½ C water. (Note: different varieties of rice use different water amounts, if your rice recommends a different ratio, start with their recommended amount)

  • Once water has almost reached a boil, using heat-protective gloves or mitts place the steamer insert into the pot along with the lid on top

  • Allow rice to steam for 10m and begin checking for doneness, let the rice cook to your desired consistency and then take off the heat

  • Serve and enjoy

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