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GraniteWare®Canning Kit, 5-Piece Kit

Item #76336
Start preserving foods at home with this 5 piece home canning kit. With a clear funnel, a bubble remover, a magnetic lid lifter, a jar lifter, and a jar wrench, all the canning tools you need are included.
Product Overview

With this canning tool kit, you can preserve fresh fruits and vegetables at home for an economical and nutritional solution. The clear funnel fits regular or wide mouth jars. Prevent bubbles with the flexible silicone spatula with ruler markings for measuring head space. Keep your fingers safe with the magnetic lid lifter used for moving hot sterilized lids and safely handle hot jars using the jar lifter with coated ends for a better grip. The jar wrench completes the set and fits all jar sizes to tighten and loosen lid bands with non-slip safety.

  • GraniteWare® 5-Piece Canning Tool Set
  • Designed for home canning
  • Set includes: Clear funnel, bubble remover, magnetic lid lifter, jar lifter and jar wrench
  • Fits regular or wide-mouth jars
  • Silicone spatula removes bubbles and accurately measures head space
  • Jar lifter with coated ends for better grip
  • Jar wrench fits all jar sizes and is coated for non-slip safety
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